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Monday – Friday: 11am to 10pm
Saturday: Brunch 10 - 3pm, Dinner 4 - 10pm
Sunday: Brunch 10 - 3pm, Dinner 4 - 9pm


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The Concept

Bites and Flights was born in 2012 as a way to showcase different cuisines, cocktails, wines, and beers from around the world.  It was a way to show our guests that SMOKE can go global with our cuisine.  In 2013 we have taken Bites and Flights to a whole new level. Each month, on the first tuesday of the month, we offer a dinner prepared by Chef Michelle Donaldson highlighting a different city or region. However, there are only 14 seats available at each dinner in our private dining room. 

The limited seating not only provides a more intimate setting for the development of new friendships and community, but it also allows Chef Michelle to experiment with dishes that are not practical on a larger scale.  Understandably, there are more people who wish to attend than there are seats available.  Consequently, there is a “lotto system” that determines who receives a seating for the dinner. 

Our desire is to bring together as diverse a group as possible each month.  Reservation requests must be submitted online by the 24th day of each month and seating is distributed by the 28th of each month.

Click here to see some of our past menus

The Features

Following are the things you can count on for each Bites and Flights dinner:

  1. The menu will not be published until dinner guests have arrived. 
  2. The deadline for submissions is the 24th each month.
  3. Chef Michelle Donaldson, after researching a region and working through various ideas, will plan and prepare an outstanding multi course dinner with drink parings for you.
  4. The drinks will be plenty and the atmosphere exciting. Oh - and you probably won’t know the person you are sitting next to.
  5. On occasion Chef Michelle will invite a local guest Chef to work with her in the preparation of the dinner who you will get to meet.
  6. The regions will change, the countries will change, and the price will change with each dinner.
  7. The one constant is our commitment to local, fresh, exceptional ingredients paired with an appreciative palate, all put together on a plate and in a glass for you. 
  8. A guest may substitute recommended pairings with their own preferences. 

Good Luck! And I hope to see you at the table.

Chef Michelle

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